Yay for Fall!

Red Grape Leaf at Edna Valley Vineyard

Red Grape Leaf at Edna Valley Vineyard

I can’t begin to convey just how excited I am for Fall! Cool weather, warm beverages, sweaters, scarves, boots….I LOVE this time of year! Last night, for the first time in months, my hubbie and I relaxed on our patio with a glass of wine and I actually needed to put on a sweatshirt! I was still in flip-flops (it is Southern California, after all) so it wasn’t exactly freezing, but there was a divine crispness in the air.

The last week or so has passed in a blur. Between my birthday, birthday travels (and a nasty cold the weekend before) I feel like I’ve been out of touch for awhile. This week I’ll be playing catch up. I still owe you a post (or two) about my awesome birthday trip to the Temecula Wine Country. I took a few photos and tasted a lot of wine. It was heavenly!

So, have a great week! Enjoy the delightful Fall weather! I know I will. :-)

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