Wrong Place, Right Time | Shelter Island | San Diego, CA

San Diego sunset with clouds and palm trees

Last week Les & I took a drive out to Shelter Island in hopes of capturing the STUNNING clouds over the city skyline brought in from the warm, muggy weather. As we drove toward west this is the kind of sky we saw:

San Diego sunset with clouds and palm trees

Gorgeous, right? Once we arrived at Shelter Island, however, and faced east toward downtown San Diego this is what we saw:

San Diego skyline at dusk

While the view was nice, the light was terrible. It looked like a haze enveloped the city and the clouds were a dark blue-gray with little variation and interest. The only way I captured a little bit of texture in the sky was by shooting really really wide (and upping the contrast considerably in post-processing).

It was beautiful over my head and behind me…but I didn’t capture anything quite like I’d been hoping for.  It was a definitely a case of being in the wrong place at the right time.  We should have gone to the beach instead. The best laid plans, right? I guess I’ll be going back there one of these days to try again. I might even have to grab at drink at Bali Hai…they are famous for their Mai Tais! I know, rough life! ;-)

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