Winter in La Jolla

Mom & baby Sea Lion touching noses in the sand in La Jolla, CA

My mom came down this week for a visit! We decided to go out and play and for us playing is going somewhere fun with our cameras.  It was a cold & windy, but beautiful & sunny day so we headed to La Jolla. It was the middle of the week and cold so I didn’t expect it to be busy – but its La Jolla so even on a cold day its busy. It took us almost 30 minutes to find a parking place!

We actually scored a primo parking space right above the Children’s Pool, a perfect place to pull out our cameras to capture the seals and sea lions that have taken over the area. It appeared to be birthing season and there were mamas and babies everywhere!

Sea Lions playing in the waves in La Jolla, CA

Mom & baby Sea Lion cuddling in the sand in La Jolla, CA

Mom & baby Sea Lion touching noses in the sand in La Jolla, CA

Children's Pool Railing Shadow Black and White in La Jolla, CA

Orange flower in La Jolla, CA

Yellow flowers in cascading buckets

Mom, taking photos of Sea Lions in La Jolla, CA

Pelicans on a rock in La Jolla, CA

Lifeguard Box in La Jolla, CA

Pelican in La Jolla, CA

Mom & I had a lovely time in La Jolla! It is such a beautiful place, I just wish it wasn’t always so busy & hard to find parking. Regardless, I need to go back either in the early morning or at sunset to capture some long exposure shots. It’ll be awesome!

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