What’s New in Luminar AI Update 5?

After Sky AI in Luminar AI

Luminar AI Update 5 introduces one new feature, fixes several small bugs, and delivers support for the Canon EOS R5!

For This Photo in SkyAI

If you’re just starting out with SkyAI‘s sky replacement technology, it can be hard to know which sky to choose for a photo. For This Photo makes it easy by recommending a few skies that might work well based on the contents of your photo.

For This Photo in Sky AI | Luminar AI Update 5

Click to the Edit tab, scroll down to the Creative section, and choose SkyAI. At the top of the tool, you’ll see three options that could work well for your photo. If you prefer something else, you can always click on the Sky Selection menu to view other options (including your own custom skies).

Bug Fixes + New Camera Support in Luminar AI Update 5

In addition to squashing a few pesky bugs, Luminar AI now fully supports the Canon EOS R5 (.CR3) files.

How to get Luminar AI Update 5

If you already use Luminar AI, this is a FREE update! You’ll receive a prompt to update next time you launch Luminar AI, or you can go to the Luminar AI menu > Check for Updates.

If you’re new to Luminar AI, you can add it to your photo toolbox here and make sure you enter ANGANDRIEUX at checkout to save an extra $10!


If you have any questions about Luminar AI, please let me know in the comments below, or send me a message directly. I’m always happy to help!

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