Victorian Village | Heritage Park | San Diego, CA

Heritage Park Victorian Village | San Diego, CA

Did you know that San Diego has a Victorian Village? It is tucked behind Old Town, easy to get to, but somehow also easy to overlook. I’ve lived in San Diego for many years but just visited this charming piece of history for the first time last week. The beautifully restored buildings all date from the 1880’s & 1890’s.

All photos below were captured handheld with my Canon 7D and Canon 24-105 L Lens.

Heritage Park Victorian Village | San Diego, CA

I’ve been having so much fun with my new software, OnOne Perfect Photo Suite! The photo above was imported into Lightroom where I did a bit of cropping and lens correction, then I took it into OnOne Perfect B&W for the monochrome conversion.

Heritage Park Victorian Village | San Diego, CA

Another shot of a bench and the curving lines of the cobblestones (I posted another, slightly different shot, last week). This image was imported into Lightroom where I applied lens correction and worked a bit on the exposure. I then took the photo into Nik Color Efex Pro to bring out the detail in the cobblestones.

Heritage Park Victorian Village | San Diego, CA

The last kiss of the setting sun – I love the color of the sunset reflected in the windows. This image was processed in Lightroom for lens correction and white balance and Nik Color Efex Pro to bring out just a bit more detail in the building.

Like I mentioned in my previous post about Heritage Park, the only thing I regret about my photo walk last week was not taking my tripod. I saw so many opportunities for HDR, but my handheld bracketing didn’t do much good because of the contrast between the shady areas and the brightness of the setting sun. I was better off processing single exposures. I also think it would be phenomenal to go there just after a rain. Those cobblestones would look AMAZING wet!

So, I hope you enjoyed the photos! Go check out Heritage Park’s Victorian Village and then grab a margarita just about anywhere in Old Town.


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