Turning on a dime

turn on a dime: to change direction very quickly

Last week I got one of those late night phone calls. You know, the ones that take your breath away and something significant in your life changes in that instant. My dad was in a motorcycle accident. It was bad. My mom called to let me know that he was stable but was being airlifted to Stanford Medical Center, his ankle was crushed and he was most likely headed into surgery that night.

Turning on a dime…

I spent the next day entirely rearranging my December, canceling everything and making arrangements to head north as soon as possible – all while waiting to hear how surgery went and how he was recovering…and how bad the injury really was.

Five days later…

My dad is doing remarkably well. He’s now been through two surgeries, with at least two more planned in the not-too-distant future. He is kicking butt with his physical therapy. They already have him up on his good leg!! He has a really long road to recovery ahead of him. His foot and ankle will never be the same. But he is ALIVE! My family is WHOLE! And for that I am so very thankful!

Given all that is going on with my family right now, I probably won’t be shooting or posting much this month. It feels strange to be so absent from blogging after daily blogging throughout November. I’ll pop in now and then if I have a significant update to give. A big thank you to all of my friends out there who are praying and sending positive thoughts to my dad and my family. It means so much!

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