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Topaz Labs is continuing to streamline photographers’ workflows with their migration of legacy plugins into its flagship application, Topaz Studio. The latest addition is Topaz Texture Effects, now called Texture Effects In Studio. It combines the power of three premium Topaz Studio Adjustments: Texture, Edge Exposure, and Quad-Tone enabling the user to quickly and easily add tone and texture with just a few clicks.

Topaz Studio

Texture Effects in Studio includes hundreds of assets including professional textures and borders to help photographic artists craft their vision. 

Texture Fun with Topaz Studio

Recently I took some time to simply play with one of my photos. I chose a picture of Chloe, my cousin’s Pekingese dog, who I absolutely adore. As I was scrolling through the available textures in Topaz Studio I came across a pink bokeh texture that was perfect.

Chloe Pekingese Dog - Before Topaz Studio + Texture Effects in Studio

Chloe (before)


Chloe Pekingese Dog - After Topaz Studio + Texture Effects in Studio

Chole (after)

Each time I open Topaz Studio I come away impressed with the tools available, and the flexibility in applying those tools. With the addition of the legacy plugins, Topaz Studio continues to become more robust and capable for helping photographic artists realize their creative vision.

Add Texture Effects in Studio to Your Workflow (Save $20!)

To celebrate the release of Texture Effects in Studio, my friends at Topaz Labs are offering $20 off – plus, enter my promo code ANGANDRIEUX at checkout to save an additional 15%!

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Questions about Topaz software? Email me or leave a note in the comments. Cheers!

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