Topaz Studio Digital Frame Review

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My friends at Topaz labs recently released a new Pro Adjustment for Topaz Studio called Digital Frame. It applies a realistic looking mat and frame effect and allows for a ton of customization options. Pretty cool!

Adding a Digital Frame to a Photograph

I decided to give this adjustment a try on a recent photo I shot at sunset in Shell Beach, CA. It was a moody, cloudy evening with very little color so I converted the image to black and white to focus on the details in the rocks and clouds. As a finishing touch I jumped over to Topaz Studio as a Lightroom plugin and applied the Digital Frame Adjustment. I chose a simple white mat and black frame.

Shell Beach California Sunset in Black and White with Topaz Studio Digital Frame Adjustment

I think the Digital Frame suits this photograph well!

While I wouldn’t use the this effect for printed photos (I prefer to use actual mats and frames for that!) I can see this being a great presentation tool for the web. There are nearly infinite numbers of frame/mat combos that can be applied to your photo for a truly customized look.

I can see this Topaz Studio adjustment making a frequent appearance in the images I share on the web as a preview of what a framed print might look like. However, there are a few things I’d like to see added to the Digital Frame tool:

  • Option to use frame only (you can use mat only by moving the Frame Width slider to “0”)
  • Ability to manually adjust image placement in the mat (right now, centered is the only option and with a typical 2:3 aspect ratio photo, the borders on the top and bottom are thinner than the sides, and increasing the mat width crops the image).
  • Easy to find paper textures such as Linen and Watercolor front and center for mat choices

Add the Topaz Studio Digital Frame Adjustment to your workflow

The Digital Frame Adjustment for Topaz Studio is just $14.99 – plus, you can use my coupon code ANGANDRIEUX to save 15% on this adjustment or any other Topaz Labs software!

Click here to get the Digital Frame Adjustment

Try the Digital Frame Adjustment free for 30 days

If you’d like to give the Digital Frame Adjustment a try, simply open Topaz Studio (free, download it here) and make sure you’re running the most recent version (Help –> Check for Software Updates). Once you have the app open click on the blue Adjustments button and choose Digital Frame from the list. The free version of the adjustment is pretty limited so I suggest clicking on Try Pro which will allow you 30 days of free access.

Questions or comments about this or any Topaz Studio adjustment? Comment below or shoot me an email!



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