Topaz Adjust AI Is Here and I’m So Excited!

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Topaz Adjust….with AI – Let that sink in for a moment.

If you aren’t sure why I’m hella excited, then let me fill you in. Topaz Adjust AI is a major update to one of my all-time favorite post processing tools. Topaz Adjust was the very first plugin I ever purchased when I was first starting to learn how to manipulate my photos and it opened my mind to so many possibilities.

Each time the good people at Topaz Labs have updated Adjust, it has gotten more and more cool. A lot of other Topaz plugins have been getting the AI (artificial intelligence) treatment as well, so seeing this kind of tech come to Adjust is awesome.

I’ve been testing the pre-release version of Adjust AI and I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN!! I’d kind of forgotten what a blast it can be to bring out intense colors in an image. I’m not necessarily talking about over-the-top surreal stuff, (though it can do that, too), but more of a solid POP that makes a photo sing.

What Is Topaz Adjust AI

Ok, so for those who haven’t yet used Topaz Adjust here is what it does: It brings out colors, shadows, details and more to make photos as vivid as you imagined them. This new AI-powered version can do all of that in one click.

Adjust AI features two modes: Standard and HDR Style. It also includes tech from other popular plugins including Topaz Detail and Topaz Clarity – two other plugins that I’ve used extensively over the years.

The Results

Below are a few images that I’ve run through th Adjust AI beta version:

Seagulls and Reflections on the Beach in Pismo Beach California | Before and After Topaz Adjust AI
Before and After Topaz Adjust AI
Seagulls and Reflections on the beach in Pismo Beach | California
Seagulls and Reflections | Pismo Beach | California

For the photo above I made a few small adjustments in Lightroom and then jumped to Photoshop to remove a few distractions in the sand. I then added Adjust AI as a Photoshop filter. After saving the image back to Lightroom I added a slight vignette and some sharpening.

Corridor at Balboa Park | San Diego | California | Before and After Topaz Adjust AI
Before and After Topaz Adjust AI
Corridor at Balboa Park | San Diego | California
Balboa Park Corridor | San Diego | California

For the architecture shot above I started with 3 exposures bracketed and merged them in Aurora HDR 2019. I then took the merged HDR into Adjust AI to bring out the textures and colors. Finally, back in Lightroom I added a subtle vignette.

Wood Ducks at Santee Lakes Before and After Topaz Adjust AI
Before and After Topaz Adjust AI
Wood Duck at Santee Lakes | California
Wood Duck at Santee Lakes | California

Historically I used Topaz Adjust on architecture and landscape photos. However, I decided to test it out on this Wood Duck photo and loved the results.

I made small tonal adjustments in Lightroom and then moved into Adjust AI to make the colors and details pop. Back in Lightroom I added a vignette as a finishing touch.

Add Topaz Adjust AI To Your Workflow

If this software isn’t cool enough for you – how about Topaz Labs sweet upgrade policy? All existing users of Topaz Adjust, Topaz Clarity and/or Topaz Detail will receive Adjust AI for free!!!

If you haven’t invested in one of the above tools (yet), don’t fret – You can save 15% on Topaz Adjust AI when you enter ANGANDRIEUX at checkout!

Click here to purchase Topaz Adjust AI


If you have any questions about Topaz Adjust AI or any of the Topaz Labs software please let me know in the comments below or contact me directly. I’m always happy to help!

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