Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

After the Storm | Sedona, Arizona
5-frame HDR processed in Lightroom & Photoshop CC, Photomatix Pro, and Intensify Pro

Happy New Year!

This post comes to you from Chesapeake, VA! Yes, we finally made it! I look forward to exploring the east coast and sharing the photos with you in 2016.

At the moment we are up to our eyeballs in renovations in our new condominium. There is a lot to do before we can get settled and on with normal life (whatever that is…). For now, I bring you the top 10 blog posts of 2015!

1. Sun-Kissed Sedona

Sedona, Arizona Sunrise

2. Create Digital Art with Topaz Simplify


3. Creating a Better Black & White Photograph | Topaz B&W Effects

Harbor Drive Suspension Bridge | San Diego, CA | Processed with Topaz B&W Effects


4. Tackling High-ISO with Topaz DeNoise


5. Realize YOUR Creative Vision with Topaz Restyle

Flower | Balboa Park | San Diego, CA | Processed with Topaz ReStyle

6. Kwaaymii Point | Laguna Mountain | CA


7. After the Storm | Sedona | Arizona

After the Storm | Sedona, Arizona


8. Using Creative Effects to Lead the Eye | Focus Pro by Macphun

Summer Solstice | Stonehenge | Salisbury Plain | England | Processed with Focus Pro

9. 7 Reasons to get a Nifty Fifty


Simple Pleasures | Menghini Winery | Julian, CA | Captured with Nifty Fifty

10. Balboa Park Like You’ve Never Seen It Before | San Diego, CA


Happy shooting to all in 2016!

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