Throwback Thursday | Harmony Bicycle

Harmony Bicycle | Harmony, CA

Since everyone seemed to like the bicycle photos I shared earlier this week, I thought you might enjoy a reprise of my Harmony Bicycle photos.

Harmony Bicycle | Harmony, CA

Harmony Bicycle | Harmony, CA

These photographs were captured in December of 2011. I’ve returned to Harmony a few times since and this bicycle is long gone. The wall that it was leaning up against, if I remember correctly, is an original adobe that was in bad need of repair (something to do with earthquake retrofits, I think) and there is now a stabilizing framework around the building with ongoing construction to fortify the structure.

Even without this bicycle, Harmony is one of my favorite wide spots in the road along California’s Highway 1. (I really mean it when I say “wide spot in the road” – this charming little town boasts a population of 18!!)

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