Thirty Days of Thanksgiving | Day 17

Crochet project progress

Today I had the rare joy of exploring a hobby that I haven’t picked up in a long time – crocheting. My Grandma taught me how to crochet when I was a kid. Its quite easy for me…sort of.  I’ve had the stitches down for years and know most of the abbreviations in a pattern, but I’ve lacked the time/desire/attention to detail to sit down and actually make something according to a pattern.  I’ve tried, but then I get bored or I miss a stitch (or add an extra) and before i knew it my project was lopsided and decidedly un-cute.

Today I decided to change that.  I pulled out some yarn that I’d had for a few years, found a somewhat challenging pattern for an infinity scarf (I’ve been wanting one for awhile) and off I went.  I’ve been extremely detail oriented, counting my stitches and such and so far it is looking really good!  Big pat on the back for me. :) Here is what I have so far:

Crochet project progress

This photo was taken with my iPhone 5 and processed (just a bit of contrast and a border) with Snapseed –  by far my favorite iPhone editing app.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Google – seriously, how did we ever live without it? I got a crocheting refresher this morning (thank you YouTube) and figured out what I was supposed to do with the Baby Butternut Squashes I got in my CSA box.  Technology is amazing!
  • Speaking of technology, I hadn’t mentioned the amazing awesome iPhone 5 my husband got me for our anniversary! (He opted to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy SIII as my gift to him). I upgraded from an iPhone 4 and the difference is substantial. Mostly I’m talking about Siri. She cracks me up (and is also quite useful)!
  • A day at home to chill and crochet with nothing (extremely) pressing hanging over my head. It was blissful!

What are you thankful for today?

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