The Accent-AI Filter in Luminar Neptune is Magic!

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A few weeks ago Macphun released Luminar Neptune – a huge (FREE) update for their popular photo editing software. There were several key improvements, but the one that stands above the rest is the new Accent-AI Filter. If you haven’t tried Luminar yet, this one slider alone makes it worth trying it out!

A Single Slider Might Change the Way You Edit Photos

Its hard to believe, but about 90% of the time the Accent-AI Filter reads my mind! According to Macphun’s Press Release announcing Luminar Neptune, here is how it works:

“The Accent-AI Filter uses artificial intelligence to analyze different areas of an image based on its structure, objects, dark and light zones, colors and other parameters. As the user moves the slider, the filter intelligently and automatically understands what each area on the photo is lacking and improves it. Moving the slider can also adjust the intensity of the changes, making the picture look more natural or dramatic, depending on the desired effect.”

Before & After the Accent-AI Filter

The following photos were all processed in Luminar Neptune using ONLY the Accent-AI Filter at 100% (In other words, I maxed out the slider.) I wanted to see just how “intelligent” this slider was…and WOW!

Before and After Luminar Neptune Accent-AI Filter


Before and After Luminar Neptune Accent-AI Filter


Before and After Luminar Neptune Accent-AI Filter


Before and After Luminar Neptune Accent-AI Filter


Before and After Luminar Neptune Accent-AI Filter


Before and After Luminar Neptune Accent-AI Filter

Its hard to believe, but each of the photos above were processed with a single slider! The images pop without getting crunchy, nasty artifacts.

While it worked well on most of the photos I tried, there were a few where it wasn’t great. It was a bit over-the-top on some of my HDRs that I’d run through Aurora HDR. Others would have benefited from a lighter touch (something lower than 100% on the Accent-AI slider) along with a few other targeted adjustments.

Other Notable Features in the Luminar Neptune Update:

    • Quick & Awesome Workspace – A workspace consisting of the Accent-AI Filter, Saturation & Vibrance, and Clarity filters. Perfect for achieving great results within seconds
    • Brush, Gradient, and Radial Gradient Tools – Dramatically faster performance yields smoother selective editing
    • Vignette Filter – Addition of Vignette Styles, Place Center and Pre- and Post- Crop modes delivers even more flexibility to this popular photo finishing too.
    • Memory Management – Increased overall performance for large files and 5+ simultaneous open images.
    • User Interface Changes – Extensive improvements to in-app animation and mode transitions make for a more pleasing editing experience.
    • Crop Tool Update – Ability to specify custom crop sizes bring the ultimate usefulness to cropping.
    • Local History – Provision for reviewing separate history while in Transform, Denoise, and Clone & Stamp modes helps optimize editing.

Pricing and Discounts for Luminar Neptune

Luminar Neptune is a FREE update if you’ve purchased an earlier version of Luminar.

Luminar is $49 for anyone who already owns Macphun photo software and $59 for all new users. Save $10 by entering my coupon code ‘angandrieux’ at checkout!




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