Tech Preview: Luminar AI Templates

Luminar AI Templates
Luminar AI Templates

Luminar AI, coming late 2020, features a brand new Template based workflow designed to help you get great results, fast.

Luminar AI Templates might sound like a fancy phrase for presets, but they are so much more! Templates use AI Assistance to analyze the contents of your image and suggest styles that might work best for that particular photo. Not a fan of the suggestion(s)? No problem, keep perusing until you find a Template that you like or skip to the Edit tab for fully manual editing.

Once you find a look that works for your photograph, you can dial it down as needed, or jump into the Edit view to further refine the results. The goal is to help you achieve great results with the most efficient use of your time.

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How Luminar AI Templates Work

Luminar AI Templates are built from a neural network that has been trained with over 5000 images from around the world. Skylum started with the basics such as human, animal, and object detection, then further trained the AI to define the genre of an image (portrait, landscape, fashion, etc.). It can even determine the color palette of a whole image (or parts of it). Using this complex data, Luminar AI can then suggest the best Templates for your photograph. 

If that sounds a bit confusing, you are not alone. I can’t say I fully understand what goes into artificial intelligence and machine learning, so I personally tend to boil it down to fancy math = magic.

Common Concerns

The biggest concerns that I’ve heard about Templates are:

  • Losing Creative Control (AI taking over)
  • Everyone’s photos will look alike

Neither is a consideration for me. Here’s why:

Templates, in my workflow, are a starting point and a source of inspiration. Certainly, I could choose a Template (or have one suggested for me) and be done, but I really like the editing process and enjoy tweaking my images to perfection.

The beautiful thing about Luminar AI is that I have options…lots of options. Beyond Templates, there is an expansive edit view that allows me to have complete creative control over every aspect of my photograph.

I can apply a Template and adjust it to my liking, or I can start from scratch in the Edit module and create a completely unique result. Either way I can then save my edits as a new custom Template that I can apply to other photos should the need arise.

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Curate your personal style with Templates

One of the things I really like about working with Luminar AI Templates is that they can help me create a cohesive look and feel for a gallery or series. Whether I’m using a built-in Template, or one of my own creation, I can then apply that Template to a series of images for a sense of harmony throughout the image group that conveys my personal style. You can also mark certain Templates as favorites so you can easily find them to apply in the future.

The bottom line: Luminar AI Templates are there to help, but you are in charge of the results!

Pre-order Luminar AI Today

Luminar AI is currently available for pre-order. Skylum plans to ship the application during the holiday season of 2020.

Pre-Order Pricing

  • Prices start at US$64 (1 seat) with the Loyalty Discount for Luminar or Aurora HDR customers
  • New Customer pricing starts at US$74 (1 seat)
  • Additional seats can be acquired at checkout
  • Prices will go up when the software is released, so don’t wait!
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Once the software is released, you’ll have 30 days to make sure it is a good fit for your workflow.

Ready to Pre-order?

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If you have questions about Luminar AI or any other Skylum Software application, please let me know in the comments below or contact me directly. I also encourage you to check out the Luminar AI FAQ on the Skylum website. There is a ton of valuable information there to help you decide if Luminar AI is right for you.

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  1. Ed on October 23, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    Being a data scientist I wish people would stop using the marketing term AI. This NOT AI it is machine learning and pattern mapping. The problem with it is those parameters are set by the programmers Thus all work to taking an image to the standards the programmers felt were ‘right’.

    It is amazing technology but not AI.

    • Angela Andrieux on October 26, 2020 at 2:35 pm

      Hi Ed – Seeing as you are an expert in that field I can see how imprecise use of the term “AI” can be frustrating. I don’t claim to have a full understanding of the technology (merely a user of the software), but can you tell me in layman’s terms where machine learning and AI begins? It seems to me to be a spectrum where the smarter the machine learning becomes, the more it could be construed as AI. Thoughts? It is an interesting conversation and one I’ve seen many questions about, but don’t have the answers.

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