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After Luminar AI Portrait Tools - Iris AI

AI Portrait Tools in Luminar AI

LuminarAI is going to be an amazing tool for portrait photographers and retouchers! It will have all of the portrait tools we’ve grown to know and love from Luminar 4 (SkinAI and FaceAI), PLUS two brand new portrait tools: IrisAI and BodyAI.

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Captivating eyes are so important in creating a dynamic portrait. In the past, retouching eyes has required some detailed brush work to brighten, add detail, and enhance color.

Now, with the help of LuminarAI, you can skip the brush work and focus on the results. Sliders intelligently locate the eyes and help you make them look amazing. IrisAI makes it easy to change eye color and add definition. It recognizes faces straight on, sideways, or even when one of the eyes is closed or obscured!


Everyone wants to look their best in portraits…especially full body portraits. BodyAI makes retouching bodies so easy! It allows you to make bodies appear lighter or add weight if needed. BodyAI works on full body portraits at every angle, including sitting, turned sideways or even lying down.

A Complete Suite of Portrait Tools

If you photograph people, LuminarAI is going to be an editing powerhouse for you. Not only are the portrait tools phenomenal, they are also easy to use and will help you deliver client photos with incredible efficiency.

Pre-order Luminar AI Today

LuminarAI is currently available for pre-order. Skylum plans to ship the application during the holiday season of 2020. 

Pre-Order Pricing

  • Prices start at US$64 (1 seat) with the Loyalty Discount for Luminar or Aurora HDR customers
  • New Customer pricing starts at US$74 (1 seat)
  • Additional seats can be acquired at checkout
  • Prices will go up when the software is released, so don’t wait!
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Once the software is released, you’ll have 30 days to make sure it is a good fit for your workflow.

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