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2018 In Retrospect

Top 10 Photographs from 2018

It has been hard to find the words to sum up 2018. Professionally, last year treated me pretty well. I love what I do and the people I work with. Personally, this past year was rough. I lost someone very close to me. It was sudden and unexpected and changed me forever – for the better I hope.

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The 10 Most Popular Articles of 2017

Before and After Topaz Studio

Happy New Year! Last week I shared my 10 favorite photographs of 2017. Today I took a look at the most popular articles on my website from 2017. My reviews and tutorials appear to be the favorites! #10 Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a beautiful, tailored backpack. I ordered…

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2017 in Retrospect

Top 10 Photos of 2017 Collage

Looking Back on 2017 As 2017 comes to a close and I reflect on all that has transpired I realize it has been a pretty great year! Somehow I managed to meet and/or exceed many of the goals I set out for myself at the beginning of 2017, and that feels pretty damn good. Recently…

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Looking Back at 2016

Abandoned Fishing Boat | Eastern Shore | Willis Wharf, VA

2016 was…interesting. As each new year dawns I like to take a look back at my photographic work and see what I produced for the year. I was pleased to see that even though I was often feeling creatively lost, I still managed to make a few photos. Over 4000! And that doesn’t include iPhone photos! There…

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My Top 10 Photographs of 2015

2015 was a crazy year. I did a lot. I went through a lot…and I think it shows in my eclectic collection of personal favorites for the year. Enjoy my top 10 photographs of 2015!                  

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

After the Storm | Sedona, Arizona

Happy New Year! This post comes to you from Chesapeake, VA! Yes, we finally made it! I look forward to exploring the east coast and sharing the photos with you in 2016. At the moment we are up to our eyeballs in renovations in our new condominium. There is a lot to do before we can…

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

It is always interesting to me when I look back over a year’s worth of stats and see which blog posts got the most traffic. Did your favorite(s) make the list? #10 – Channeling Ansel Adams | La Jolla, CA Long exposure black & white seascape in La Jolla, CA #9 – Typing with tears in my…

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My Top 10 Photographs of 2014

Steel Wool | Scripps Pier | La Jolla, CA

Its always a challenge to pick my 10 favorite shots of the year. In 2014 I captured over 4700 photos (not including those taken with my iPhone or specifically for clients)!! In no particular order, please enjoy MY favorite photos of 2014!                

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My Top 10 Photographs of 2013

Scripps Pier | La Jolla, CA

When I set out to make a “top 10” list of my 2013 photos I didn’t realize how many there were…5009 to be exact (not including iPhone photos). Luckily Lightroom has some spectacular sorting capabilities so I was able to narrow down my choices pretty quick.  However, even with Lightroom’s help, it was hard to…

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

Based on the number of visitors, here are my 10 most popular blog posts of 2013: 10. Look Closely | Piedras Blancas Beach | San Simeon, CA 9.  Ooh, Shiny Thing! | Teatro Greco | Taormina, Sicily 8.  Scripps Pier | La Jolla Shores | La Jolla, CA 7.  Entering Tolosa Winery | Edna Valley…

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