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Looking Back at 2016

Abandoned Fishing Boat | Eastern Shore | Willis Wharf, VA

2016 was…interesting. As each new year dawns I like to take a look back at my photographic work and see what I produced for the year. I was pleased to see that even though I was often feeling creatively lost, I still managed to make a few photos. Over 4000! And that doesn’t include iPhone photos! There…

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Smoke: Alluring, Fascinating, & Ever Changing

Smoke Abstract

va·por ˈvāpər/ a substance diffused or suspended in the air Smoke: Visible Vapor Yesterday I decided to try something new. Photographing smoke. Have you ever really looked at smoke? Its gorgeous – constantly changing as the air moves around it. I got the idea to photograph smoke from one of the photo clubs I attend. I was shown…

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