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Dreamy San Diego Skyline Sunset

Dreamy San Diego Sunset | Bayview Park | Coronado | CA

Oh. So. Dreamy. Four minutes & nineteen seconds To capture this slice of time I stacked two ND filters (B+W 10-stop & 3-stop) to get a super long exposure. All processing was done in Lightroom. So dreamy! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a commission if you click on one…

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Kwaaymii Point | Laguna Mountain | CA


Day to Night Last weekend I went up to the mountains with my photo club for a Milky Way photoshoot. We got there a bit early so we all managed to grab a few photos of the sweeping landscape before the sun went down. The view was phenomenal! Late afternoon… The cloudy sky made for a brilliant…

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Ocean Beach Pier | San Diego, CA

Ocean Beach Pier | San Diego, CA | Processed with Topaz Adjust

A break in the Storm I captured this photograph back in January, just after a storm – one of my favorite times to get out and shoot. I did a lot of work on this one in post to bring out the colors and details. Below is the original with just a few minor tweaks in Lightroom.…

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5 Tips for Stunning Fireworks Photos

Sea World Fireworks Viewed from Fiesta Island | San Diego, CA

Happy 4th of July! For those who are planning on photographing their local fireworks show tonight, I’ve put together a few tips for making your photos stand out from the crowd: Location, location, location – Be aware of your composition and consider including an interesting background such as a city skyline, interesting architecture, or reflections. Use…

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Urban Decay | San Diego, CA

No Trespassing Shot through a chain link fence | Urban Decay | San Diego, CA

“In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it.” -Ernst Fischer     These photographs were captured for the Darkroomers “Urban Decay” Quarterly Themed Competition with my new (to me) Canon G1X. I’ve…

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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone | Street Photography

Giving Hands | Street Photography | Little Italy Mercado | San Diego, CA

I’ve always been mesmerized by street photography. I’ve done a bit myself, but usually of the non-human-interaction kind…which some might say doesn’t quite qualify. I’ve recently been following Valerie Jardin’s work, and I especially love her photos in Paris. The light, the shadows, the organic human moments…I’ve been dreaming of jumping over the pond for one…

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Exploring Rural San Diego County

Palomar Observatory | Rural San Diego County

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit of cabin fever, and at the suggestion of my dad, headed out for a drive up Palomar Mountain. I visited the Observatory, grabbed lunch at a little cafe at the top of the mountain, then headed home the back way via Lake Henshaw. It felt good to get out,…

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La Jolla Seascapes

La Jolla Seascape

One of my favorite places to get away for an evening with my camera is the coastline of La Jolla. Each visit I capture something different. The sky changes, the patterns in the sand, the tide…always something interesting to focus on! I spent Sunday evening dodging the incoming tide and crawling over the rocks. Here…

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Simply Impassible | La Jolla, CA

“Why it’s simply impassible! Alice: Don’t you mean impossible? Door: No, I do mean impassible. (chuckles) Nothing’s impossible!” -Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass Captured yesterday on the beach in La Jolla, CA. This imposing door is some lucky person’s private beach access.

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The Corridor | Balboa Park | San Diego, CA

The Corridor | Balboa Park | San Diego, CA

Are you tired of Sedona photos? I hope not, because I have more to share! But, not today…I decided to change it up with a photo from Balboa Park, captured a couple of weeks ago. A Weekend Stroll Through Balboa Park I’ve often mentioned that Balboa Park is one of my favorite places to photograph in San Diego. The…

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