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Getting to Know Topaz Studio 2

Purple Flower Macro after Topaz Studio 2

Topaz Studio 2 is specifically designed for creative photo editing and comes with an amazing range of innovative filters that can be combined and layered for endless possibilities.

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How to Enhance Detail with Topaz Sharpen AI

Over the past year my friends at Topaz Labs have released several tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Most of them are standalone apps that focus on doing one thing really well – such as DeNoise AI for noise reduction, and Gigapixel AI for photo enlargement – and now there is Topaz Sharpen AI which,…

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Retain Incredible Detail and Reduce Unwanted Noise with Topaz DeNoise AI

Introducing Topaz DeNoise AI

There used to be quite a few noise reduction tools/plugins on the market. Over the past few years most software makers have eliminated the one-trick ponies in favor of a generic noise reduction tool in their jack-of-all-trades editing suites. While it is certainly convenient to have all of your tools in one place, I think…

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Skout: A hands-free camera carry solution

Skout - The Sling Style Harness by Cotton Carrying System

The Skout is a hands-free sling-style camera harness. It is designed for active photographers who need their hands free, but want access to their camera quickly. It features a twist and lock mount to keep your camera secure while you’re on the move. It also comes with a detachable rain cover so you can protect your gear in unpredictable weather.

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Aurora HDR 2019 Review

Aurora HDR 2019 for Mac and Windows

I’ve been having a blast with Aurora HDR 2019! The new AI-powered Quantum HDR Engine does a fantastic job enhancing color and detail without the over-the-top grit that HDR is notorious for. In this article we’ll dive in to Aurora 2019’s new features, what what I love about it, and a few things that I hope will be added or improved in the future.

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Topaz Studio Digital Frame Review

Shell Beach California Sunset in Black and White with Topaz Studio Digital Frame Adjustment

My friends at Topaz labs recently released a new Pro Adjustment for Topaz Studio called Digital Frame. It applies a realistic looking mat and frame effect and allows for a ton of customization options. Pretty cool! Adding a Digital Frame to a Photograph I decided to give this adjustment a try on a recent photo…

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Lost Photos? Check out Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Logo

Hard drives and memory cards fail. That is why we backup our photographs, right? However, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry: Perhaps you accidentally reformat a memory card before making a backup Sometimes backups (you have more than one, right?) fail  Maybe you didn’t have a backup (tsk), your hard drive broke, and…

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