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Pismo Beach Street Photography

Father and Son Surfing Duo | Pismo Beach Street Photography

A few days ago I returned home from nearly a month in California. My time was crammed full of family time and a few visits to my favorite beaches – Pismo Beach among them. Street Photography at the Beach The morning I spent at Pismo Beach was breezy and beautiful! It wasn’t the right time…

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Looking Back at 2016

Abandoned Fishing Boat | Eastern Shore | Willis Wharf, VA

2016 was…interesting. As each new year dawns I like to take a look back at my photographic work and see what I produced for the year. I was pleased to see that even though I was often feeling creatively lost, I still managed to make a few photos. Over 4000! And that doesn’t include iPhone photos! There…

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Sunrise at the Pier | Pismo Beach, CA

Sunrise at the Pier | Pismo Beach, CA

The beach is magical first thing in the morning. It isn’t often that I get out of the house for a sunrise shoot, but when I do I am usually sleep deprived richly rewarded. This particular day in Pismo Beach, CA was no exception. From the beach I watched dolphins frolic and whales breach. Seriously. And then…

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Creepy Beach Cottage | Topaz Texture Effects 2

Creepy Abandoned Cottage | Pismo Beach, CA

How do you make an abandoned beach cottage look downright creepy? A bit of texture and creative toning should do the trick. This little cottage in Pismo Beach, CA has fallen into disrepair. Its been a bit shabby for years, like someone quite eccentric lived there; but now it looks like a candidate for demolition. I…

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Aurora HDR 2017 – Pre Order Starts Today!

Sunrise Long Exposure | Pismo Beach Pier | Processed with Aurora HDR 2017

Aurora HDR 2017 is coming, folks – and it is awesome! I’ve had the privilege of playing with the pre-release and watching a live pre-release webinar with Trey Ratcliff a couple of days ago. I’m blown away by some of the new features in Aurora HDR 2017. One of Aurora HDR 2017’s new features is faster performance, so…

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Summer Sunset | Pismo Beach, CA

Sunset at the Pismo Beach Pier

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? Watching the sun set, especially whilst on the beach, is one of nature’s spectacular gifts. I was stoked to squeeze in an evening in Pismo Beach while I was in California. This particular night happened to be my last on the central coast. I struggled, having to constantly remind…

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Get On1 Photo 10 Today + FREE Upgrade this Fall!

Pismo Beach Pier Reflection

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I LOVE On1 Photo 10. When they announced the next generation upgrade, On1 Photo RAW, a couple of months ago I was stoked! The downside – the new software won’t be released until Fall 2016. (More about that here.) 2 for 1: On Photo 10 NOW + On1 Photo RAW…

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All that remains | Stairway to Nowhere | Pismo Beach, CA

Important Update: The offer in this post has expired, but you can use the coupon code “angandrieux” to get 10% off all Macphun Software including  Aurora HDR anytime! The Stairway to Nowhere Remember that stunning spiral stairway to nowhere I photographed in Pismo Beach? This is all that remains… Pretty sad, right? I’m so glad I…

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Aurora HDR | I’m loving it!

Pismo Beach Pier | Central Coast, CA | Aurora HDR | Monochrome

Have you checked out Aurora HDR yet?   Its pretty awesome! I’ve been working with it since it launched and can now say I have a handle on how it works, and how to get the results I want from it. As with any new software, there is a learning curve. Aurora HDR has a lot…

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Starting December Off Right | Pismo Beach, CA

Pan & Blur Waves | Pismo Beach, CA

This morning I found some motivation, and took it for a walk in Pismo Beach. It was crispy cold, low tide, and oh so lovely! I made a few panning motion blurs of the waves (Aperture Priority, f/22 and pan) I watched the BIG waves crash on the beach… This last photo was processed with…

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