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Another Delightful Day In Balboa Park

Balboa Park is one of my favorite places in San Diego. I’ve been there more times that I can count and because it is so familiar it take specific intention to slow down and absorb the details. It is worth the effort though, because no matter how many times I visit, I always see something new, or at the very least see something familiar from a new perspective.

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One Night in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Bridge at night

It had been years since I’d spent any quality time in San Francisco, but on my last trip to California my mom and I decided to take one night of our adventures to stay in the city.

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Sky’s the Limit | Chicago

On my way to and from California during recent travels I had a couple of short layovers in Chicago’s O’Hare (ORD) airport. My favorite part of this airport is an underground tunnel, decorated by artist Michael Hayden. The art installation is called Sky’s the Limit and was completed in 1987. Those traversing the tunnel are treated…

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Photographing the Beautiful Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse | Outer Banks | Buxton, NC

The first time I saw a photo of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, I knew I needed to photograph it. The contrasting candy-cane black and white stripes withe a red base immediately caught my attention. I pictured my photos using selective color – black and white with the red base. I know a lot of people…

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Before it Disappears: Abandoned Frisco Pier

Abandoned Pier in Frisco | North Carolina | Outer Banks

A couple of weeks ago hubs and I went on an adventure to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I had a couple of photographic goals – one of which was photographing the Frisco Pier on Hatteras Island. It is slated to be demolished this fall and I had to see it before it was…

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A walk through historic Edenton, North Carolina

1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse | Edenton | North Carolina

I’m a west coast girl, through and through…but one thing I will say for the east coast: there is no shortage of historic places to explore, and I do love photographing history. Day Trip: Edenton A few months ago, while my mom was here for a visit, we took a day trip to Edenton, NC.…

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Smithfield’s Victorian Mansions

Historic Victorian Mansion in Smithfield, Virginia

Strolling down the streets of historic Smithfield, Virginia I spy…beautiful Victorian mansions! These ornate homes are one of the many things I love about Smithfield. Some of the Victorian mansions are impeccably maintained and restored while others show the wear and tear of many years. Many of these structures are well over 100 years old!…

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Bodie Island Lighthouse | North Carolina

Bodie Island Lighthouse | Cape Hatteras | Outer Banks (OBX) | North Carolina

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been out and about a lot. My mom (my favorite photo adventure buddy) was in town and we had many fun outings! One of my favorites was a visit to North Carolina’s Outer Banks to check out the Bodie Island Lighthouse. I fell in love – it was…

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Awesome Architecture in SLO | The Jennifer Street Bridge

Jennifer Street Bridge Black and White Abstract | San Luis Obispo, CA

There is a pedestrian bridge in my hometown that passes over the tracks near the train station. I’ve admired the Jennifer Street Bridge for years, but never had a reason to go up and across. On my last visit to San Luis Obispo, whilst out walking with my mom and our cameras, we decided to check it…

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One Foggy Morning at the Ventura Pier

Long Exposure at the Ventura Pier on a foggy morning

Venturing South So often when visiting my folks on the Central Coast of California my mom and I take our cameras and head north toward Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria, San Simeon, and Big Sur. But this time we decided to do something different – something we’d never done before. We headed south to the Ventura…

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