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A Hunt for the Cayucos Shipwreck

Cayucos Shipwreck | The Point Estero

A couple of months ago, after visiting the tiny town of Harmony on a rainy day, my mom and I decided to try and find the Cayucos Shipwreck. On July 2018, 2017 a commercial fishing vessel named The Point Estero ran aground near the southern tip of Estero Bluff State Park. After the Coast Guard…

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Before it Disappears: Abandoned Frisco Pier

Abandoned Pier in Frisco | North Carolina | Outer Banks

A couple of weeks ago hubs and I went on an adventure to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I had a couple of photographic goals – one of which was photographing the Frisco Pier on Hatteras Island. It is slated to be demolished this fall and I had to see it before it was…

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Abandoned Beach Cottage | Cape Charles

Turquoise abandoned and decaying beach cottage in Cape Charles, VA

I love sleepy beach towns in the off season. Last weekend the hubbie & I took a spontaneous drive up to Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. While most of this sleepy little beach town was shuttered for the winter, a few brave establishments remained open for business. We walked the historic main street, browsed the…

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Looking Back at 2016

Abandoned Fishing Boat | Eastern Shore | Willis Wharf, VA

2016 was…interesting. As each new year dawns I like to take a look back at my photographic work and see what I produced for the year. I was pleased to see that even though I was often feeling creatively lost, I still managed to make a few photos. Over 4000! And that doesn’t include iPhone photos! There…

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Creepy Beach Cottage | Topaz Texture Effects 2

Creepy Abandoned Cottage | Pismo Beach, CA

How do you make an abandoned beach cottage look downright creepy? A bit of texture and creative toning should do the trick. This little cottage in Pismo Beach, CA has fallen into disrepair. Its been a bit shabby for years, like someone quite eccentric lived there; but now it looks like a candidate for demolition. I…

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Topaz Clarity or Detail? What is the Difference?

Swannanoa Palace | Afton, VA | Processed with Topaz Clarity & Detail

What is the difference between Topaz Clarity and Topaz Detail? I’ve asked myself this question many times. To get the best results for my photo, should I use Topaz Clarity or Detail…or both? Simply said – Topaz Clarity works with contrast and Topaz Detail is an output sharpener. The simple answer may leave you scratching your…

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Swannanoa Palace | Decaying, Haunted, & AWESOME

Swannanoa Palace | Grand Entrance | Afton, VA

Welcome to Swannanoa Palace This Virginia mountaintop estate is breathtaking…or depending on your point of view, used to be. Swannanoa Palace, once the summer home of James & Sallie Mae Dooley, has fallen into disrepair, but is still open to visitors who want to wander its creaking, and rumored haunted, halls. This amazing mansion was built in…

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Abandoned Boat | Eastern Shore | Willis Wharf, VA

Abandoned Fishing Boat | Eastern Shore | Willis Wharf, VA

Along the side of the road I spy… A tattered old fishing boat, abandoned and left to the elements. My dad & husband both looked at me like I was crazy when I pointed out the abandoned boat, but my mom got it. She is a photographer, too. We made a u-turn and went back…

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Abandoned Spiral Staircase | Pismo Beach, CA

Abandoned Spiral Staircase | Stairway to Nowhere | Pismo Beach, CA

Why are abandoned places so mesmerizing? Forgotten places, like this abandoned spiral staircase in Pismo Beach, have a way of capturing one’s imagination, making you wonder about those who had been there before you. I found out about this old spiral staircase to nowhere earlier this year. Now that I have my wide-angle lens I had to go back…

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