Swannanoa Palace | Decaying, Haunted, & AWESOME

Welcome to Swannanoa Palace

This Virginia mountaintop estate is breathtaking…or depending on your point of view, used to be. Swannanoa Palace, once the summer home of James & Sallie Mae Dooley, has fallen into disrepair, but is still open to visitors who want to wander its creaking, and rumored haunted, halls.

Swannanoa Palace | Grand Entrance | Afton, VA

This amazing mansion was built in 1912 and was inspired by Villa Medici in Rome. The exterior is white Georgia marble and the interior is adorned with Italian Carrara & Siena marble. Amongst the peeling paint and decay you can see how grand Swannanoa Palace once was.

Swannanoa Palace |Tiffany Window & Grand Staircase | Afton, VA-Edit

Swannanoa Palace |Tiffany Window & Grand Staircase | Afton, VA-Edit

The ground floor is, by far, the most opulent in its adornments. Each room is unique and in the center there is a grand staircase that leads to the second floor, topped with a stunning Tiffany window depicting Sallie Mae.

Swannanoa Palace | Ground Floor | Afton, VA

Swannanoa Palace | Ground Floor | Afton, VA

Swannanoa Palace |Tiffany Window & Grand Staircase | Afton, VA-Edit

As you go further up in the Palace, the decor becomes less and less adorned. Most of the upstairs areas were closed off to the public, but one of the towers was accessible. At the top of the tower you could see for miles though I didn’t say up there long. It had been somewhat reinforced, but there was definitely an unsettling feeling up there. Ghosts? Maybe…more likely just old, and seeming unsteady floors.

Swannanoa Palace |Third Floor Disrepair | Afton, VA

Swannanoa Palace |Third Floor Disrepair | Afton, VA

The gardens, now quite overgrown, were once manicured terraces with fountains.

Swannanoa Palace | Garden Fountain | Afton, VA

Visiting Swannanoa Palace

If you are looking for cool things to see in Virginia, Swannanoa Palace should be on your list. It wasn’t crowded and entrance is only $6/person. (price subject to change, please verify before you go). I believe they accepted only cash so make sure to hit an ATM before you head up the hill.

For the photographers: the best part about Swannanoa Palace for me was that they allowed me to come in with my tripod!! Again, this may be a case by case basis depending on how crowded they are so please verify before you go.

To Eat: About 10 minutes away you’ll find the Blue Mountain Brewery. The beer & food were both fantastic. They get quite busy on a Saturday so I suggest arriving around 11:00-11:30am to beat the lunch rush.

Capture & Processing Notes

All of the photos in this series were shot with my tripod mounted Canon 6D and 16-35 f/4 lens. Processing was done in Lightroom, Photoshop, Aurora HDR (get 10% off Aurora HDR using coupon code “ANGANDRIEUX” at checkout), and On1 Photo 10. Most of these photos were made with multiple exposures, tone mapped with Aurora HDR with a bit of additional masking/composite work done in Photoshop. I used On1 Photo 10 for artistic touches and to selectively balance color and contrast.

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    1. Hi Judy,

      According to their brochure, Swannanoa Palace is currently owned by Skyline Swannanoa, Inc.

      The University of Science and Philosophy, a foundation started by Walter & Lao Russell left the property in 1998 and gave up their lease.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post! I hope you enjoyed the article and photos.


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