Summer Sunset | Pismo Beach, CA

Who doesn’t love a good sunset?

Watching the sun set, especially whilst on the beach, is one of nature’s spectacular gifts. I was stoked to squeeze in an evening in Pismo Beach while I was in California.

Sunset at the Pismo Beach Pier

This particular night happened to be my last on the central coast. I struggled, having to constantly remind myself to stay in the moment and not be tormented by thoughts of leaving the next day. Needless to say, I wasn’t at the top of my photography game. I got a few good shots toward the end of the evening, but it was hard to get into the “zone”.

Sunset at the Pismo Beach Pier

Even though I feel like I struggled photographically that night, I really did enjoy every second of having my toes in the sand, feeling the waves rush over my feet (and occasionally soaking the bottom half of my pants). My heart will always belong to California, no matter where I reside.

Sunset at the Pismo Beach Pier

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