Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2013

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This past weekend I participated in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk for the third time! Our walk was led by Alan Hess in Ocean Beach, a neighborhood of San Diego with a particularly bohemian feel. I hadn’t spent much time there in the past so if was fun to see what this neighborhood had to offer.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the photo walk. All photos were captured handheld (unless otherwise specified) with my Canon 7D and 24-105 Lens.

The first is the Ocean Beach Pier, composed in similar fashion to my Scripps Pier photos from a few months ago. I used my trusty Neutral Density Filter and tripod to capture the long exposure (f/4, 30 seconds).

Ocean Beach Pier | San Diego, CA | Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2013

While wandering the side streets a few blocks from the beach I came across this hop-scotch. I love the sentiment!

Stay Young Hopscotch | Ocean Beach | San Diego, CA | Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2013

Lifeguard Stand with Sunburst | Ocean Beach | San Diego, CA | Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2013

Did you join in the Worldwide Photo Walk 2013? If so, I’d love to see your photos. Feel free to post a link in the comments! For those of you who didn’t participate, I highly recommend it. I always meet great people and often get to explore an area I’m not familiar with.

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