Reprocessing Old Photos from Venice | Part II

Venice | Italy | Before and After Topaz Clarity

Going through old photos is kind of like a treasure hunt. As a photographer I usually take hundreds or thousands of photos on any given trip. When I get home I cull through them and pick out a handful of favorites, spend time editing those favorites, and maybe a few of those make their way into my portfolio.

Once in awhile I like to go back through the photos that didn’t make the original cut. This is where the treasure hunt comes in. Many of these photos are simply memory shots, photos that no one else will likely see – fun to look at, but there was a reason I didn’t blog them or add them to my portfolio. But every now and then I stumble across a photo and think “Wow, how did I miss that?”

Maybe it needs a bit of tweaking and the technology a few years ago wasn’t there to really “fix” it or maybe I just didn’t know how back then…but now I do, and suddenly I have this new gem of a photo!

Thats is how I feel about the photos below. In the “before” versions I’ve already made minor tweaks to exposure, white balance, and cropping in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. The “after” photos show the changes made in Topaz Clarity, which was officially released today!

Venice | Italy | Before and After Topaz Clarity

In the image above I really see the difference in the clouds! The buildings and the water also have a bit more detail and a touch of extra “pop” to the color.

Venice | Italy | Before and After Topaz Clarity

In this image I see the difference from Topaz Clarity primarily in the clouds and the lighter colored building. You can see the detail of each and every brick but not in a crunchy, over-processed way.

I’ve had so much fun going going through my Venice photos. It is such an amazing place! I hope I get to go back again someday…but for now I’ll relive the trip again and again every time I look through my photos.

Don’t forget that Topaz Clarity was released today! Retail price is $49.99 but if you purchase before May 31, 2013 and use the promo code “claritynew” you’ll get this awesome piece of software for just $29.99!

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