Remembering Rome

Remembering Rome After Luminar AI Toning

Virtual travel (via photos and our memories) is a wonderful thing, but nothing quite replaces the thrill of actual travel. I’m so ready to travel internationally again and revisiting Rome (or anywhere in Italy) is near the top of my list!

This particular archive dive landed me in Rome. I was looking for an image to use for a tutorial on Photofocus and this is the one I decided on.

It was captured from the top of the Castello Sant’Angelo, overlooking the always-stunning Roman skyline. I used Luminar AI to add a warm, reddish-tone which gave it a bit of a warm afternoon glow, even though it was a mostly overcast day.

If you’re interested in reading the full tutorial, head over to Photofocus!

If you’d like to see more photos from my Italian adventure, be sure to stop by my Dreaming in Italian gallery. Prints are available and make great holiday gifts!

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