Processing iPhone DNG with Luminar

Cappuccino and French macaroons at Cure coffeehouse in Norfolk, VA
Luminar Edit

Last week I had the opportunity to grab a coffee with a dear friend at Cure coffeehouse in downtown Norfolk.  Prior to grabbing coffee we stopped next door and picked up a couple of French macarons at Hummingbird Macarons. Once we sat down with our cappuccini (plural of cappuccino in Italiano) we proceeded to stage our treats and take photos for Instagram. (It was a treat in itself to go out with a friend who also enjoys photographing/Instagramming tasty food!)

Processing iPhone DNG with Instagram

I captured my photo with Lightroom Mobile which give me a RAW DNG file. I did a quick edit in Lightroom Mobile (cropping & noise reduction), applied an Instagram filter (X-pro II, I think), and then posted it online. Find me on Instagram at @angandrieux.

Cappuccino and French macaroons at Cure coffeehouse in Norfolk, VA

Lightroom Mobile and Instagram Edit

While I love the convenience of capture + edit on my iPhone it can’t take the place of using desktop software and seeing the edits on a large screen. Today I decided to rework my cappuccino photo with Luminar to see how it handled a RAW DNG from my iPhone 7+.

Processing iPhone DNG with Luminar

I started over with the RAW DNG file from my iPhone 7+ and came up with this version:

Cappuccino and French macaroons at Cure coffeehouse in Norfolk, VA

Luminar Edit

The Luminar version is a bit softer, and the colors feel more natural. The Luminar version also has a great deal more detail – it is easiest to see the difference in the milk foam bubbles.

Detail comparison between Instagram and Luminar

Instagram on the left, Luminar on the right

Either way, I like the photo – but the quality of the Luminar version far surpasses what I was able to do with an Instagram filter.

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Macphun also released an update to Luminar today. New features include:

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Questions about Luminar? Shoot me an email or comment below.

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