Photowalking | San Diego, CA

Arches & Chandeliers | Santa Fe Station | San Diego, CA

One of my favorite things to do is meet up with other photographers for urban exploration. This past Sunday I joined up with a group organized by Mark Holmes (author of Digital SLR Photography eLearning Kit For Dummies).

We met on the San Diego waterfront near the Star of India, had a bit of a chat and then headed out to shoot. Everyone usually goes their own direction and I was lucky to have a friend join me for this event so we meandered together. Afterward everyone met up for a bite to eat at Elephant & Castle.

Here are a few of my shots from our photowalk:

Santa Fe Station Arch Window | San Diego, CA


Ship Bow & Sails | Star of India | San Diego, CA


Ship Stern | Star of India | San Diego, CA

Waterfront Statue with Seagull on Head | San Diego, CA

Arches & Chandeliers | Santa Fe Station | San Diego, CA

A photowalk was a great way to spend my Sunday morning – what did you shoot over the weekend?

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  1. […] I really love how the processing brought out the detail in the sails and the texture of the clouds. To see how I initially processed this image a year ago (entirely in Lightroom 4) visit this blog post. […]

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