Photomatix Pro 5 now available!

Big Bear Lake Observatory HDR

My favorite HDR software just got better! Photomatix Pro 5 is now available! New features include:

  • Contrast Optimizer Tone Mapping for realistic-looking results
  • Fusion method for real estate photography
  • Multiple settings batching
  • Option to enable fusion from a single RAW image

I downloaded my copy this morning and have a few observations of my own:

  • The interface is cleaner
  • Some of the functions have been simplified (no functionality has been lost, but the presentation is tidier)
  • The de-ghosting tool just gets better and better! This software ROCKS!

If you purchased a copy of Photomatix Pro 4, this is a FREE upgrade! (If you are like me, and bought in at version 3, this upgrade will cost you $29, not bad for the added functionality!) If you are new to Photomatix Pro you can try their full-version software for free! Once you are ready to buy, use the coupon code “angandrieux” for 15% off of your purchase (I believe this discount applies to upgrades, too).

Get a FREE TRIAL of Photomatix Pro 5 or Upgrade Now!

Here is my first HDR processed with Photomatix Pro 5:

Big Bear Lake Observatory HDR

This image was captured with my Induro Tripod mounted Canon 7D and 24-105 lens. It is made up of seven exposures at f/11, ISO 100 and shutter speeds ranging from 1/640 second to 1/8 second. It was processed in Lightroom 5 and Photomatix Pro 5 with finishing touches applied in Topaz Adjust & Clarity.

Big Bear Lake Observatory HDR

The image above shows my seven exposures on the left, and the tone-mapped image, straight out of Photomatix with no other adjustments applied, on the right.

The final image above (the first one in this post) was tweaked a bit for saturation, structure, and contrast in Topaz Adjust and Topaz Clarity. (Get 15% off of any Topaz plug-in using the coupon code “angandrieux”)

I’m always thrilled to get “new toys” and the new version of Photomatix Pro 5 certainly qualifies! I feel inspired to go out and make more HDR photos! You should, too! :)

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