Photo of the Week | Morro Bay, CA

Blue Stripe Boat Refection | Morro Bay, CA

Photo of the Week is back!

If you are relatively new to my blog and website you might not be familiar with the Photo of the Week Challenge, hosted by Jessica Rogers Photography. It is a great exercise to keep my creative juices flowing – for more info click over to her website, anyone can participate!

Last week’s photo (yes, I should have written this post Friday {sheepish grin}) is from my whirlwind weekend in San Luis Obispo for the art rotation. I had a total of about 20 minutes to shoot one cold foggy morning in Morro Bay.

Foggy Morro Bay Morning | Red Boat

Another shot from that morning:

Blue Stripe Boat Refection | Morro Bay, CA

Thanks to Jessica for hosting Photo of the Week! If you are interested in participating please click over to her website!

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