A New Website on the 1st Day of Spring

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Happy Vernal Equinox!

Spring – its a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. It seems fitting that I launched my new website today, the first day of spring!

My Spiffy New Website

I’ve been working on the new site for a little over a month (which is why you haven’t heard from me unless you follow me on social media.)

Its been a lot of work, but I’m proud of the results.

What changed?

For the last seven years my website portfolio has been hosted by a company called Zenfolio. They also hosted my blog from 2012 to 2016.

In early 2016 I moved my blog to WordPress because I’d outgrown the capabilities that Zenfolio allows for their blog platform. (I wrote about those issues in August of 2015, you can read the article here.)

I then began the tedious process of copying/pasting all of my blog content to WordPress. It took me about a year and countless hours of work, but I finally had all of my content on WordPress by the middle of February 2017.

From there I threw myself into building my new website – a portfolio and blog,  all in one place – all on WordPress.

It has taken a month to rebuild my site. I’ve learned a lot and I look forward to sharing a few of the things I learned with you in hopes that you might avoid my “hard knock” lessons. But that is a post (or posts) for another day.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the new site! Click around, let me know what you think. If you find anything wonky, please let me know!

About the photo above…

I captured the photo above with my tripod mounted Canon 7D and 60mm Macro lens at my dining room table a couple of days ago while the morning light was streaming in. The bouquet came from Trader Joe’s and the “dew drops” were courtesy of a tiny spray bottle.

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