Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0 Just Released – What’s New?

Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0

Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0

The latest update to Aurora HDR 2018 made a huge leap toward bringing the Mac and Windows versions to parity. Windows users got a slew of new features – Mac users got a few performance improvements.

The Highlights:

  • Speed boost for editing and adjusting
  • Fast single-file opening
  • Batch processing (Windows)
  • Loupedeck integration
  • Better memory management
  • Windows version catches up to Mac version
  • New camera support

All of the new features and improvements:


  • Performance boost when editing and opening single files
  • Faster export
  • Loupedeck integration
  • Better brackets sorting during batch processing
  • Better memory management
  • Plugin stability improved
  • New camera support (listed below)
  • Better export performance
  • Fixed brush drawing
  • Improved opening of .DNG images


  • Performance boost when editing and adjusting
  • Faster export
  • Better stability and memory management
  • Batch processing added
  • Added Layers menu and Layer Options menu
  • Ability to rename layers
  • User experience improvements
  • Quick loading of single raw files
  • Hover on blends
  • Added white balance color picker
  • Localisation fixes
  • Changed order of preset categories
  • User interface fixes and improvements
  • Added histogram to Tone Curve filter
  • Improve stability of Dodge & Burn filter
  • Added context menu in the Filters menu
  • New camera support (listed below)
  • Better Windows document support
  • Added flip/rotate
  • Exif saving to document fixed
  • Loupedeck integration
  • Improved opening of .DNG images

New Cameras Supported (Mac and Windows):

Canon EOS 3000D / Rebel T100 / 4000D, FujiFilm X-H1, FujiFilm X-A20, FujiFilm X-A5, FujiFilm X-E3, Olympus E-PL9, Panasonic DC-GF10 / Panasonic DC-GF90, Panasonic DC-GX9 / DC-GX7MK3, Panasonic DC-TZ200 / DC-ZS200 / DC-TZ202 / DC-TZ220 / DC-ZS220 / DC-TX2, PhaseOne IQ3 100MP Trichromatic, Sony A7 III.

Add Aurora HDR 2018 1.2.0 to your Workflow

Ready to learn more about Aurora HDR 2018? Be sure to click here and read my full review.

Note for Windows Users: This update does require your computer’s graphics card to be capable of handling at least OpenGL 3.3 so please make sure your system meets the minimum requirements before updating or purchasing. You can find the system requirements here.

If you own a previous version of Aurora HDR 2018, your update is free! 

  • For Mac users, launch Aurora HDR 2018. Once open, go to the Top Menu Bar, select Aurora HDR 2018 > Check for Updates.
  • For Windows users, launch Aurora HDR 2018. Once open, go to the Top Toolbar, choose Help > Check for Updates.

For those who are new to Aurora HDR 2018 – welcome!

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If you have any questions about Aurora HDR 2018 or any other Skylum Software, please let me know if the comments below or contact me directly.

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