Montana de Oro | Los Osos, CA

Another title for this post could be something along the lines of finding beauty and love at difficult times.

Last weekend I went up to San Luis Obispo for my grandpa’s funeral. Amongst the heartbreak there was so much love. My family is awesome.

On Saturday evening my mom and I decided to get out for some photography, even though we could have both just settled into the sofa with a glass of wine. We were emotionally and physically drained. Fortunately, we didn’t succumb and were rewarded by a spectacular sunset at Montana de Oro. A bit of creative time was exactly what we both needed – a place to channel some of the emotion.

I came away from that shoot with four photos I really love – a pretty good batch for an evening out.

Montana de Oro Sunset | Los Osos, CA

Montana de Oro Tidepools | Los Osos, CA

Montana de Oro Tidepools | Los Osos, CA

Montana de Oro Tidepools at Sunset | Los Osos, CA

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