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Since I haven’t gotten out much to shoot lately, I thought I’d take on a project here at home. I have a lovely set of music books titled Modern Music & Musicians, that was published in 1918. They have been calling out to be photographed.

As a kid, my creative outlet of choice was music (I play the piano & clarinet). My mom and I found these books on a trip to a used book store. They were lovely and filled with all sorts of music and I desperately wanted them. Unfortunately, if I recall correctly, the set was about $100 (and this was many years ago)…far more than I had available from my saved allowance.

Lucky for me, my mom saw how much I wanted them and made a trip back to the store without me and picked them up as a Christmas present. I was over the moon!

While I don’t play the piano much these day (yes, I know I should), I’ve carried these books around with me ever since.

Last week I decided to pull them out and set up a little studio in my living room. I pulled out my macro lens and had a bit of fun composing unique images of these old, dear books. I’ve titled this series Modern Music.

Modern Music | Vintage Exploration
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Modern Music | Vintage Exploration


Modern Music | Vintage Exploration

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