Luminar Jupiter Takes a Big Step Forward!

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My friends over at Skylum Software (formerly Macphun) have been working their butts off to bring you a BIG update for Luminar 2018! This new version, named Luminar Jupiter brings the Windows and Mac versions nearly to parity, and adds some great new features for Mac users, too.

The NEW Luminar Jupiter | Create Incredible Photos MUCH Faster!

The most notable improvements are:

  • Speed (performance and adjustments): a dramatic increase in the speed of editing
  • Automatic Lens Correction (!!!): The RAW Develop filter analyzes your image’s metadata to calculate one-click automatic lens distorsion corrections
  • Enhanced Image Quality on Image View: Most of the demosaic and green equilibration issues have been fixed
  • DCP Profiles Support (Mac version only, coming soon to Windows): recognizes industry standard DCP profiles
  • Import Speed (Mac version only, coming soon to Windows): re-engineered RAW import, optimized for speed
  • Windows version (nearly) catches up with Mac: Batch Processing, Free Transform, and Flip/Rotate are now available in the Windows version

The Results

Cherry Blossoms | Sakura| Red Wing Park | Virginia Beach, VA

I gave the new Luminar Jupiter a test drive with the photo above and was happy with the speed improvements and the new Automatic Lens Correction! The only thing missing that I’m used to with Lightroom is that the Auto setting doesn’t de-vignette. However, the slider to fix lens vignetting is just below the checkbox for the Auto Lens Correction.

The addition of DCP Profile support (Mac only for now, coming soon for Windows users) is an added bonus, especially with Lightroom’s recent update to move profiles front and center. I found the new default profile to be an improvement over the Adobe Standard profile (which is also pre-loaded). If you create your own DCP profiles, or have downloaded them from a 3rd party you can load those in Luminar Jupiter as well.

What is new in Luminar Jupiter?

For Windows Users:

  • Super fast image editing and adjusting
  • Faster image export
  • Free Transform
  • Flip/Rotate Image
  • Automatic Lens Correction
  • A whole bunch of stability fixes
  • User interface and user experience improvements
  • Additional language support
  • Ability to change the language in the application main menu
  • Fixed color profiles on export and plug-in mode
  • Preview mode feature (“F” hotkey)
  • Enhanced image quality

For Mac Users:

  • Fast RAW opening
  • Super fast image editing and adjusting
  • Faster image export
  • DCP Profiles Support
  • Automatic Lens Correction
  • Enhanced image quality
  • A whole bunch of stability fixes
  • User interface and user experience improvements
  • Additional language support (German, Japanese, Chinese, & more)

Add Luminar Jupiter to your workflow

If you already own Luminar 2018, this is a FREE update for you!

For those who have yet to try Luminar, now is a great time! Make sure you enter promo code ANGANDRIEUX at checkout to save $10 on your purchase!

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Questions about Luminar?

If you have any questions about this update or Luminar software in general, please reach out! Leave me a comment below or send me an email. I’m happy to help!

Luminar 2018 Jupiter | 300% and more in speed improvements





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