The Luminar AI Revolution

Meet Luminar AI
Meet Luminar AI

Luminar AI – Arriving Late 2020

Luminar AI from Skylum Software will revolutionize the way you edit photographs. I do not have a full feature list yet, but below are a few notable features and tools that have been announced thus far, and they are pretty exciting! Luminar AI is still in development and is expected to ship during the 2020 holiday season.

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Luminar AI Templates with AI Assistance

Luminar AI Templates

Edit photos in record time with Templates. Luminar AI analyzes your photo and recommends Templates based on the content of the image. Start by selecting a suggested Template or pick from dozens of others that come pre-installed.

If you like having creative control, don’t let Templates scare you! You can easily reduce the effect of the Template, refine the results in the Edit module, or disregard the Template altogether if you wish and manually edit your photograph.

Templates are designed to enhance and simplify your workflow, but you, the artist, are still in the driver’s seat.

Want to learn more about Templates? I dive in to more detail in this article.

Create Realistic Mist with AtmosphereAI

There are a lot of apps out there that can add fog, but adding realistic fog is another thing entirely. What makes AtmosphereAI special is 3D scene reconstruction technology that produces a depth map of the photograph. The result is is beautiful, realistic mist that takes objects and scene depth into consideration.

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Make Bodies Look Their Best with BodyAI

Realistic body shaping has always been a bit of a challenge unless you’re a Photoshop wizard. BodyAI makes removing a bit of extra weight (or adding it) extremely easy. It even works on subjects who are sitting, turned sideways, or even lying down.

Enhance Eye Definition with IrisAI

In portraiture, eyes are of extreme importance. They must be in focus, ideally have visible catchlights, and overall be well-defined. IrisAI works like magic to make eyes look their best by adding definition or even changing eye color! IrisAI can recognize faces that are straight-on, sideways, or even when one of the eyes is closed or obscured.

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Sky Replacements with Water Reflections in SkyAI 2.0

Sky AI 2.0
SkyAI 2.0 is coming in 2021 to LuminarAI

AI Sky Replacement is spectacular, and next year it will be even better! SkyAI 2.0 will automatically add reflections in water. You’ll be able to adjust the levels of the reflection and have the option to bring in water ripples to show motion. You’ll also be able to browse through your collection of skies in a thumbnail viewer which will be a huge timesaver!

Pre-order Luminar AI Today

Luminar AI is currently available for pre-order. Skylum plans to ship the application during the holiday season of 2020.

Pre-Order Pricing

  • Prices start at US$64 (1 seat) with the Loyalty Discount for Luminar or Aurora HDR customers
  • New Customer pricing starts at US$74 (1 seat)
  • Additional seats can be acquired at checkout
  • Prices will go up when the software is released, so don’t wait!
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Once the software is released, you’ll have 30 days to make sure it is a good fit for your workflow.

Ready to Pre-order?

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If you have questions about Luminar AI or any other Skylum Software application, please let me know in the comments below or contact me directly. I also encourage you to check out the Luminar AI FAQ on the Skylum website. There is a ton of valuable information there to help you decide if Luminar AI is right for you.

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