Locks of Love | Modica | Sicily | Italy

Love Locks | Modica | Sicily | Italy

Love Locks | Modica | Sicily | Italy

I found this photo as I was working on my earlier post this week about Topaz Clarity. It was captured the same day on a drive through the south-east side of Sicily.

“Love Locks” are found many places these days. I think the trend started over a river in Florence…or was it Paris? Anyhow, lovers would place the lock on a bridge and throw the key in the river symbolizing their unbreakable love. In the instance of these locks in Modica, I’m not sure where they threw the keys…maybe just down the hillside? A nice gesture, but not as grand as into a river…

Apparently the “real” Love Locks history goes back over 100 years…read about it here.

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