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Tiny flower, captured with iPhone 5 and EasyMacro Lens

Have you noticed things have been quiet around here lately?

In case you’ve wondered why, I’ve been dealing with some health problems…heart issues that I had as a kid (and thought I grew out of) came back. I started noticing something was wrong around the end of January, and spent the first half of February in and out of the hospital. I’ve since had surgery, which was successful(!!!) and am working through my recovery. I’m healing well, and am now focused on trying to get some of my normal energy and endurance back.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much any time behind the camera…unless you count my trusty iPhone. Its been my only creative outlet for the last month or so (partly because after surgery I had restrictions on what I could lift, which ruled out schlepping my camera gear).

I’ve tried to make the most out of the tools I’ve had available to me

In order to have a bit of photo fun with my iPhone I bought a couple of little accessories, which have since found a permanent place in my purse – an EasyMacro lens, and a tiny Gorillapod (both of which are friendly to non-fruit phones as well). I captured the photo below with their help.

Tiny flower, captured with iPhone 5 and EasyMacro Lens

There might not be much technically “right” about this photo, but I really like it. The EasyMacro allowed me to get super close and bring out some very tiny details (this flower was about the size of a nickel). The lines running through the photo were created because I lit the photo with an LED flashlight. It did something weird at certain angles which caused the lines to appear. I’m not sure why, moire maybe? At any rate, it made the photo unique.

I hope to start getting out with my big girl camera again soon. Until then, I’ll try to share the occasional unique iPhone photo with you. To all who have been sending positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers my way for recovery, you have my heartfelt thanks!!

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