Introducing Topaz AI Clear – The Tool I Didn’t Know I Needed

Wrought Iron Window | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy | After Topaz AI Clear
After Topaz AI Clear

UPDATE 4/18/19: Topaz AI Clear has been discontinued and it’s functionality is now part of Topaz DeNoise AI. Click here to learn more about Topaz DeNoise AI and as always, contact me if you have any questions about Topaz applications!

Each time a new bit of software is announced I ask myself…

  • Do I need it?
  • Does it fill a hole in my workflow?
  • Does it make my life easier?
  • Does it solve a problem?

With so many noise reduction and sharpening tools on the market (and already on my computer) I did not think I needed Topaz’s new AI Clear Pro Adjustment for Topaz Studio. However, I decided to try it out, just for fun. My first couple of tests on high noise images were decent, but not earth shattering. On my third test I was blown away.

What is Topaz AI Clear?

Topaz AI Clear is promoted primarily for addressing noise – but the folks at Topaz also say it works well for sharpening, detail enhancement, and reducing artifacts.

The first two images I tested were high-ISO images. Topaz AI Clear definitely helped, but it wasn’t a dramatic improvement. The third image I tested was one of my older photos from Italy when I was shooting with a lens that had a faulty auto-focus thus making everything just a teeny bit soft (so annoying!).

I picked a beautiful window in the town of Caltagirone in Sicily that I captured in 2010. Here is the original (cropped with minor adjustments in Lightroom):

Wrought Iron Window | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy | Before

If you take a look at the zoom view – you’ll see that the details, while not necessarily out of focus, aren’t quite sharp.

Wrought Iron Window | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy | Before - Zoom View
Before – Zoom

I took my image from Lightroom to Topaz Studio using the LR Plugin and started by applying the Clarity in Studio adjustment – one of my all time favorites (more about Clarity here).

I applied the Basic preset and loved the look, but thought it could use a little less micro contrast and a bit more vibrance in the Precision Contrast adjustment.

Before and After Clarity in Studio Adjustment (Split Screen View) Screenshot
Before and After Clarity in Studio Adjustment (Split Screen View)

The result is definitely an improvement, but the slight softness is still there, so I decided to see if the AI Clear adjustment might help.

I ran with the default settings, but did nudge the Detail Boost up to Low.

Before and After Topaz AI Clear Adjustment (Split Screen View) Screenshot
Before and After Topaz AI Clear Adjustment (Split Screen View)


With those results I can’t wait to try this software on a few of my other older images!

Here is the final photo in all of its glory:

Wrought Iron Window | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy | After Topaz AI Clear
After Topaz AI Clear

Add Topaz AI Clear To Your Workflow

Topaz AI Clear is available as a Pro adjustment with Topaz Studio, a standalone photo editor as well as a plugin for Photoshop CS4+, Elements 6+, Creative Cloud, and as an external editor for Lightroom.

Click Here to Purchase Topaz AI Clear!

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If you aren’t quite ready to buy, be sure to take advantage of a free 30-day trial with AI Clear, when you download Topaz Studio for free.


If you have questions or feedback about Topaz AI Clear, or any Topaz Labs software, please comment below or reach out to me directly.

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  1. Joe on March 25, 2019 at 9:06 am

    Is Topaz AI running by Ubuntu/Wine?

    • Angela Andrieux on March 25, 2019 at 1:36 pm

      Hi Joe – I’m not sure about how the underlying tech in Topaz AI Clear is built – that would be a great question for the folks at Topaz Labs. As for running their apps on Linux, I don’t think it is officially supported, but I believe folks have had success with virtualization of MacOS or Windows on Linux and then utilizing apps like Topaz.

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