In my backyard I spy… | Winter in Chesapeake, VA

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Snow & Ice

It doesn’t seem to last long around here (in my lengthy three weeks of experience). Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend was pretty mild in our area, compared to photos I’ve seen from DC, NYC, and even other parts of Virginia. It wasn’t anything this California girl and her Subaru couldn’t handle with ease.

Seed Pod in ice | Winter in Chesapeake, VA


Perhaps it is because I’m still new here that the snow is captivating to me. I love watching¬†the ground get slowly covered by a soft blanket of white.

Seed Pod in ice | Winter in Chesapeake, VA
The photo above reminds me of a fried egg ūüôā

Seed Pods in ice around tree roots | Winter in Chesapeake, VA


I spent time over the weekend watching the patterns forming in the snow and ice and itching to get out with my camera, but was pretty busy with our continued condo remodel to be able to go play.

Vine Detail with Ice and Snow Background | Winter in Chesapeake, VA


Yesterday morning, however, I had a bit of time, the sun was shining, and I knew the snow and ice would be gone soon. So, I bundled up, grabbed my camera and headed out my back gate into the small wooded area behind my new home.

Vine Detail with Ice and Snow Background | Winter in Chesapeake, VA


Its been so long since my boots crushed through snow! It was awesome. I had the thrill of a little kid making tracks where none had been, and cracking frozen-over puddles with my shoes.

Ice and Snow Patterns | Winter in Chesapeake, VA


I took in the details around me, the patterns of the tree roots, the swirls in the icy puddles, the growth of grass struggling to get through the frozen bits…just beautiful!

Seed Pod in ice | Winter in Chesapeake, VA


In case you were wondering, all of the photos in this set were processed with Lightroom & On1 Photo 10. I’m really enjoying On1 Photo 10 and urge you to check it out! It has become so much easier to use with this new version and the results are great!

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