8 thoughts on “How to use a Photologo in Lightroom

  1. I’ve read your instructions, however my lightroom cc does not have these options. I have the cloud base lightroom and options are not the same, I have not been able to use my signature from photo logo

    1. Hi Areli – My instructions are for Lightroom Classic CC (not Lightroom CC). At this time Lightroom CC does not support watermarking.

      Lightroom Classic CC: Text and Graphic Watermarks
      Lightroom CC for desktop: No Watermarking feature at this time.
      Lightroom CC for mobile (iOS and Android) Text Watermarks
      Lightroom CC for Web: No Watermarking feature at this time.

      Watermarking capability enhancement is planned but there is no ETA for this feature at this time. https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/watermarks-in-lr-cc

      An alternative is to consider Photologo’s app Photopolish: https://photologo.co/photopolish-fastest-way-watermark-photos/

  2. Hi Angela
    I have the photo logo and have set up in lightroom. It worked good a couple times and now it won’t show up after I export. When I try to add the logo I get the little perforated box but nothing shows up. I have followed your directions and still not working… any idea?

  3. You fail to mention that that Lightroom scales the logo and destroys its sharpness. It ends up a fuzzy, blurry or blotchy representation of its original self. Hopeless implementation from Lightroom. Shame.

    1. Hi Belinda – I haven’t encountered that issue. Can you tell me a bit about the settings you’re using in Lightroom’s watermarking tool? I might be able to offer a few suggestions.

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