From Flat to Fantastic with Topaz Adjust

Anticipating Tomorrow | La Jolla, CA | Lifeguard Stand at Sunset

Topaz Adjust has long been one of my favorite plug-ins! It does a fantastic job of taking a flat boring image and making it pop! The image below is an 8-exposure HDR that was captured in La Jolla, CA. Several plug-ins were used in the creation of this photo, but Topaz Adjust made a huge contribution to the look and feel of the final photograph.

Anticipating Tomorrow | La Jolla, CA | Lifeguard Stand at Sunset

Topaz just released Adjust v5.1 with a redesigned interface making it even easier to create images with dramatic contrast, incredible detail, and vivid Color.

Purchase Topaz Adjust during August 13-31, 2014 and get it for just $24.99 (50% off the normal price of $49.99) using coupon code “augadjust”.

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