First Look: On1 Photo RAW 2018

On1 Photo RAW 2018 Icon

On1 Photo RAW 2018 Icon

On1 Photo RAW 2018 is available now and is better than ever! Version 2018 includes several major updates and enhancements including HDR, Pano Stitching, enhanced masking tools, and much more.

On1 Photo RAW 2018 can be used as a standalone photo editing and digital asset management solution  (a great alternative to the Adobe Photography Plan) or as a plug-in with your existing software and workflow.

I’ve been working with the beta version for a while now, and I think On1 has done a great job with this software. I use it primarily as a Lightroom plug-in, and spend most of my time in the Effects module; but I can see it being a viable and comprehensive solution for those who don’t want to buy into Adobe’s subscription plan

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What’s New?

On1 Photo RAW 2018 includes several major updates and enhancements. Key new features include:

  • ON1 HDR – Create stunning HDR photos that merge all tonality from a bracket of photos in a fraction of the time (test results have shown up to seven times faster than other HDR apps). Automatically aligns photos and removes ghosting from motion between exposures. Includes full non-destructive editing with natural results and can be turned up to 11 for a surreal look.
  • Pano Stitching – Combine multiple photos into a single panoramic or matrix photo. Automatically aligns photos, even if they are not shot on a tripod, and blends them together seamlessly. An option to embed panoramic metadata for Facebook panning is also available.
  • Global Mask Editing Tools – These include new mask Density and Feather sliders to allow for changing the density or opacity of masks as well as blur masks for softening.
  • Luminosity Mask Updates – Adjust the levels of a mask to increase the contrast or brightness as well as set a tonal window to only affect a certain zone. These updates allow users to target just the area they want, based on the photo.
  • Color Range Masks – Create a mask from a color range selection.
  • Blur and Chisel Mask Tools – In ON1 Effects, the Blur and Chisel mask tools are now included. The blur tool is perfect for softening or feathering a mask selectively. The Chisel tool lets the user push or pull the edge selectively, to remove halos. All of these new masking options are re-editable and non- destructive.
  • Versions — Versions are virtual copies of the same photo. Each version created can include non-destructive settings, including crop, retouching and adjustments. Versions work just like any other photo without taking up more space on your computer.
  • Updated UI — Clean and modern UI where your photo is the center of attention. Custom name filters and layers to easier keep track of work. Also select your own UI accent color.
  • Paint with Color Brush — Painting with color can be a solid color, perfect for skin smoothing and making annotation layers, or paint with just the color and leave the underlying luminosity in place to change the color of objects like eyes.
  • Selectively Add or Remove Noise — Brush away noise in areas like skies or add noise for an artistic effect.
  • Improved Highlight Recovery – The algorithms for highlight recovery have been improved.
  • ON1 Photo for Mobile — Take the best shots with you on the go with the free ON1 Photo for Mobile app. It’s a great way to share portfolios. It can also sync new photos taken on phones back to the desktop so those photos are ready for editing.
  • Additional Camera & Lens Support — Added support for the Nikon D850, Olympus EM-10 III, Panasonic DMC-G85, preliminary support for Sony a7R III, plus a ton of new lenses.





On1 Photo RAW 2018 - Develop

On1 Photo RAW 2018 – Develop


On1 Photo RAW 2018 - Effects

On1 Photo RAW 2018 – Effects





Pricing & Availability

ON1 Photo RAW 2018 is available for download as a free 30-day trial. Previous owners of any ON1 app (or ON1 plug-in) can upgrade for $99.99. Those who don’t own an ON1 app can order for $119.99.

ON1 Photo RAW 2018 is also bundled with some excellent bonus materials which include: Three ON1 Photo RAW 2018 Courses by Product Director Dan Harlacher, and all of their 2017 and 2018 Loyalty Rewards. ON1 Photo RAW 2018 works with both Mac and Windows and includes activation on up to five computers.

Click here for a free 30 Day Trial of On1 Photo RAW 2018

Supported File Formats

On1 Photo RAW 2018 isn’t just for RAW files! Supported file formats include:

  • JPEG
  • TIF
  • PSD
  • PSB
  • PNG
  • DNG

System Requirements

Operating SystemmacOS 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, or 10.13
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
(current maintenance releases, 64-bit only)
macOS 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, or 10.13
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
(current maintenance releases, 64-bit only)
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo, Xeon, or betterIntel Core i5, Xeon, or better
Hard Drive1.5 GB for installation1.5 GB for installation
7200 RPM drive or SSD
App IntegrationPhotoshop CS6 or CC
Photoshop Elements 13 or 14
Photoshop Lightroom 5, 6, or Classic CC
Apple Photos
Photoshop CS6 or CC
Photoshop Elements 13, 14, or 15
Photoshop Lightroom 5, 6, or Classic CC
Apple Photos
RAM4 GB (8 GB when used as a Photoshop plug-in)16 GB
DisplayOpenGL 3.3-compatible video card with 256 MB video RAM, 1280×720 resolutionOpenGL 4.2-compatible video card with 1 GB video RAM, 1920×1080 resolution
OtherInternet connection for activation, auto-update checking, content downloads, and tutorialsInternet connection for activation, auto-update checking, content downloads, and tutorials
Wacom table for pressure-sensitive input
Hardware display calibration tool


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