Festival of Sail, Part 1 | The Big Picture | San Diego, CA

Tall Ships at the San Diego Festival of Sail

I hope you had a relaxing and/or fun-filled Labor Day weekend! I certainly did. It was a great way to kick off my Birthday Month!! :-)

Sunday morning I got up bright and early (no small feat for me!) and went down to the waterfront to admire the tall ships in town for the Festival of Sail. I arrived around 7am, and was glad I made the effort to get there early. I didn’t have to contend with crowds, parking was easy, and the embarcadero was still open to foot traffic (they closed it off to those without paid tickets to the festival at 9am).

Today’s photos are my “big pictures” of the beautiful tall ships that were in town for the festival. Later this week I’ll share some of the details I noticed. All photos in today’s post were captured handheld with my Canon EOS 7D and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens.

Tall Ships at the San Diego Festival of Sail

Tall Ships at the San Diego Festival of Sail

Tall Ships at the San Diego Festival of Sail

Aren’t these ships lovely? The awesome clouds (from the not so awesome hot & muggy weather) made a spectacular backdrop.

I didn’t stick around to attend the actual festival. By 8am the temperature was already in the 80’s and the humidity was pushing 80%. (Heat + crowds = unhappy Ang) Instead I headed home to my air conditioning and my computer to process photos.

I highly recommend the Festival of Sail (and the San Diego Maritime Museum) to San Diego visitors and residents alike. The majestic tall ships are really a sight to behold.

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