Exploring Rural San Diego County

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit of cabin fever, and at the suggestion of my dad, headed out for a drive up Palomar Mountain. I visited the Observatory, grabbed lunch at a little cafe at the top of the mountain, then headed home the back way via Lake Henshaw. It felt good to get out, to wander & explore.

It was the middle of the day, so not exactly the best for spectacular photos, but it was still a lovely day – bright blue skies with a slight chill in the air at the top of the mountain (elevation about 5600′ above sea level).

It was hazy down in the valley, but the view was still spectacular. A few lovely lupines were still in bloom…

Lupines and the view from Palomar Mountain | Rural San Diego County

The Observatory grounds were picturesque…

Palomar Observatory | Rural San Diego County

Palomar Observatory | Rural San Diego County

Flowers near the Palomar Observatory | Rural San Diego County

Tree near the Palomar Observatory | Rural San Diego County

Lake Henshaw was definitely showing the effects of the drought, but still a lovely view from the vista point…

Lake Henshaw | Rural San Diego County

I ended my day by driving out to La Jolla, and taking a few photos there. All in all, I covered just shy of 200 miles! Not bad for a little Sunday drive!

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