Enoteca Oreste | Verona | Italy

I only got to spend a few hours in Verona…a brief stop after leaving Vicenza on our way to Venice in October of 2009.  One of my favorite memories from our visit was stumbling upon Enoteca Oreste (thanks to our Rick Steves guidebook).  This little wine shop was once the private chapel of the Archbishop of Verona. If you visit, make sure to look up. You can still see what remains of the beautiful frescos that once adorned the chapel.

Enoteca Oreste | Verona | Italy

Capturing this photo was a bit of a challenge. It was very dark inside the Enoteca so capturing a sharp photo required stabilizing my camera. I didn’t have my tripod with me so I found a small wooden barstool and was able to set my camera on it to capture the photo above – a 4 second exposure at f/11, ISO 100.

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