Edna Valley Wine Tasting | San Luis Obispo, CA

Are you ready to start seeing some of my vacation pictures? I’m FINALLY working my way through the hundreds of photos I captured on our road trip that covered more than 1500 miles, 12 wineries and visits with family and old friends. I think we achieved a great balance between planned activities, visiting people, and good ol’ relaxation. It was a fantastic vacation!

Mom & Dad at Tolosa Winery | San Luis Obispo, CA | Edna Valley Wine Tasting
Mom & Dad at Tolosa Winery

Our trip started with a visit with my parents on the beautiful Central Coast of California. My mom and dad live in the lovely Edna Valley – a perfect place to go wine tasting! We got to visit Tolosa WineryEdna Valley Vineyard, and Sextant Wines.

A Vineyard's Bounty | Tolosa Winery| San Luis Obispo, CA | Edna Valley Wine Tasting
A Vineyard’s Bounty | Tolosa Winery


Approaching Harvest | Tolosa Winery | San Luis Obispo, CA | Edna Valley Wine Tasting
Approaching Harvest | Tolosa Winery


Wine glasses in the tasting room | Edna Valley Vineyard | San Luis Obispo, CA | Edna Valley Wine Tasting
Inside the Tasting Room | Edna Valley Vineyard

That evening we enjoyed dinner at Giuseppe’s in Pismo Beach, CA – one of my favorite Italian restaurants (and also where my hubbie and I had our wedding reception nearly 11 years ago).

Following dinner we took a detour on our way home to find an abandoned spiral staircase that led down to the beach. More on that in my next post…

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