Dreaming of Sicily


Last night I dreamed that I was in Sicily.

In my dream I vividly recall the winding drive up the hill to Mineo…not recalling which day the market was, but hoping I’d find it.

As I rounded the last corner I was rewarded with the weekly market with familiar vendors in front of me. I parked my car and then headed to an ATM. I was so recently returned that I hadn’t yet gotten any Euros.

Market Day | Mineo | Sicily | Italy
Market Day in Mineo

I withdrew 200€…and was frustrated that the ATM gave them to me in 100€ increments, knowing most market vendors wouldn’t break a bill that large.

Vegetable Vendor in Mineo | Sicily | Italy

As I walked again toward the market my thoughts turned to my very rusty Italian language skills. Would I be able to communicate effectively enough to make my purchases? A few key phrases rolled through my mind so I dove in ready to verbally stumble my way through.

Textiles Vendor | Mineo | Sicily | Italy

I proceeded to visit my favorite booths buying vegetables and perusing housewares and clothes before meandering back into the town and down narrow streets to find my panificio (bakery/bread store). I could smell the delicious aromas of baking bread as I got close.

Grapes | Mineo | Sicily | Italy

I got in line and then purchased enough bread to feed a small army. It had been so long since I’d had this kind of bread.

After buying my bread I started making my way back to my car…and then I woke up.

Tomatoes | Mineo | Sicily | Italy

The dream was so real that I feel like I was in Sicily a few hours ago…and I’m a bit melancholy that it was just a dream. The sights, sounds, smells, were all so vivid.

Tomatoes | Mineo | Sicily | Italy

Maybe today I need to go down to Little Italy…hear some Italian spoken near me, have an arancino or cannolo. Something to ease the homesicknesses for the Island that was my home for four years…nine years ago.

Frut and Vegetable Crates | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy
Seeds and Legumes | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy
Grapes and Squash | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy
Cauliflower | Caltigirone | Sicily | Italy
Squash | Caltagirone | Sicily | Italy
Olves | Caltigirone | Sicily | Italy

About The Photos

The images in this article were captured when I lived in Sicily from 2006-2010. They are a mixture of photos from two of my favorite weekly markets in Mineo and Caltagirone.

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