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Organic Celery

Just a quick post to check in and make sure that you know I haven’t forgotten about blogging entirely! Its been a whirlwind holiday season thus far and promises to continue on that path. My Christmas shopping is done, WE ARE IN ESCROW ON A CONDOMINIUM and we are getting ready to head out to visit family – first to the Napa Valley to see my in-laws, then to my parents house on the central coast – all within five days!!! Like I said, it has been and continues to be hectic.

With all of that said, I haven’t had much time to shoot.  Just a bit of work for clients, but nothing strictly for me.  I sincerely hope that I have time to go out and shoot just a tiny bit on this trip – I’m aching to use my creative outlet!  I’m sure the scenery will be gorgeous so it should be easy to capture something beautiful, even with limited time.

For now, I’d like to share a bit of what I’ve been working on for J.R. Organics CSA (If you are in the San Diego area and would like to check out community supported agriculture (CSA) please consider JR Organics. They are fantastic!).  Each week I photograph the fruits and vegetables in season.  I have so much fun with it! Here are Tangerines & Celery from this week’s CSA box:

Organic Celery

Organic Orange

Don’t you want a bite?

I will attempt to blog again before Christmas, but no promises. I hope each and every one of you, my dear readers, are having a wonderful holiday season!


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